Michele at Gustavos in WalthamI’m Michele Goetz, wife, mother, runner and recovering food addict. At 4’11”, I reached 169 pounds and a BMI over 33. I wore a size 14 and was at the point that I was staring down the aisles toward the women’s size sections. Only my height had kept me in regular sizes. Hiking, running, skiing, biking kayaking, swimming, tennis, all those things I used to do and love no longer existed. I had all the reasons (excuses) as to why it was better to sit on the sofa or in bed, watching TV and numbing myself with food.

This January I decided enough was enough. My weight was running my marriage. I was getting sleep apnea. I looked in the mirror and finally saw the chubby girl I’d become rather than the phantom image of my youth. I signed up for Weight Watchers and downloaded fitness apps like crazy. I bought an Apple Watch and dusted off my treadmill and elliptical. Then, I started educating myself by reading articles and research, and watching documentaries on eating healthy and plant based diets.

Today, 9 months later, I have lost almost 60 pounds and found that healthy eating, healthy living, and losing weight is way easier than everyone makes it out to be. Food is still my addiction, but its turned into more of a passion as I have explored new foods, flavors and methods to feed my body and soul.

So, I’m here to share what I learned and how to go from farm and grocer to table with easy meals that give no reason for loading up your carts and tummies with prepackaged processed foods again. I’ll also share how to still go out to restaurants and not feel like your are deprived by eating bland versions of the menu.

Let’s eat!